Ritu Sandhi

A Seasonal Ayurvedic Immersion

Sunday 22nd September 2024

Explore the Ayurvedic view behind seasonal transitions and discover practical tools to support your health as we slide into Autumn.Learn about the power of food, herbs, massage and daily rituals in letting go of one season and preparing for the next. Gain empowering knowledge to navigate the seasons confidently using ingredients from your own kitchen.

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The Day

Ayurveda is an ancient science that brings forth knowledge to help you live well, in your best health through all seasons of your life. We are made of the same elements we see out in nature and everything around us and when the seasons turn, we feel it too. We're here to help you navigate this and give you the tools to move through it confidently. Spend the day with us!

You can expect:

  • A day full of learning and discovering how you can apply Ayurvedic wisdom confidently in your daily life

  • A feeling of belonging and connection through sharing and being with others like minded people looking to support their health more holistically

  • Time to relax and chat in between

  • Seasonal practices to support during the transition to Autumn

  • Individual pulse reading to give you a better understanding of your specific health needs and changes you could introduce

  • A nutritious Ayurvedic lunch that will be season specific - all advised by our resident chef Kim and cooked by us this time!

  • Make your own tea blend, tailored to help you through the season

  • Self Massage to help ground you and incorporate into your life

  • Autumn focussed slow Yoga and Pranayama practice to integrate all you've learned

  • Unlimited herbal tea to keep you hydrated throughout the day

  • Gift bag to take away with you, full of treats and special offers from some awesome small businesses


Just outside the bustling centre of Brighton, The Studio is a bright and airy place with all the space we need to move and be together.


  • On road car parking right outside and on surrounding roads

  • Toilet on site

  • Changing room available

  • There are steps to enter the studio. Everything else is step free inside


Full Address : 39 Whippingham road, Brighton BN2 3PF
(Google maps will bring it up as Pepperpot Nursery)
You can easily get to the venue from Brighton station
• 30 min walk using Google maps
• 8 min Taxi
• 15 - 25 min Bus - Get any of the 21, 22, 24, 25, 48, 49


Join us for a day full of new discovery, learning, connection and empowering yourself with the wisdom of Ayurveda that will serve you well beyond the day.The day runs from 10am - 4pm and everything will be provided, but feel free to bring a notebook, extra layers and anything else that would add comfort for you.

Ticket : £125
Get in touch to explore part payment to make it more accessible.
Community Spaces: £95
2 spots for those that would face difficulty in accessing this offering.
This includes but not limited to, those that are experiencing financial barriers, those that identify as black, brown or are part of a racialised community, the LGBTQIA+ community, those that live with a disability.

*Tickets are non refundable unless they can be resold.

Frequently asked questions

Is there Parking?
Yes! There is parking on the road outside the studio as well as on surrounding roads.

What is the nearest station?
Brighton mainline station is the closest station to get to the studio. You can then walk, get a taxi or the bus.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
No nothing in particular. Mats will be provided as well as refreshments throughout the day and a nutritious lunch. However, feel free to bring a notebook and pen for the learning session and any extra layers to keep warm and cosy.

Do I need to prepare in any way?
No. We will send out an intake form ahead of the day to get a better understanding of your health, mobility and dietary needs. Please provide as much information as you can there.

What is accessibility like?
The building is off any main roads and has a few steps up to the studio entrance. The studio itself is on one level and the same with the toilets.

Why are there two ticket prices?
We know offerings like these and access to wellbeing can be limited for many reasons. With this in mind, we are offering 2 spots to those that it applies to.
This includes but not limited to, those that are experiencing financial barriers, those that identify as black, brown or are part of a racialised community, the LGBTQIA+ community, those that are physically challenged or limited. Please choose carefully considering your own situation.

What kind of food will be served?
There will be a vegetarian Ayurvedic lunch provided for everyone complete with herbal tea. There may be use of ghee, nuts and grains. We are able to tailor if there are specific allergy or dietary requirements. Please get in touch with us about this?


Indie has created a Holistic Wellbeing space offering a variety of healing modalities to help you feel your best. She shares her ancestral practices of Yoga, Pranayama and Ayurveda as a means to live well through the rhythms of nature whilst taking in your unique lived experience to create tailored treatments for you. Ayurvedic treatment works across your life to bring balance in all ways.Holistic facials are an opportunity to look after yourself through your skin and Indie only uses natural, cruelty free and skin friendly products to bring out your inner glow. Now the question is which journey do you want to take?


Gemma is a practicing Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle consultant since 2018 and has recently added the Ayurvedic Massage Therapy to her healing tool kit. Gemma believes passionately in empowering her clients with personalised treatment plans or therapies that work seamlessly within their lifestyles that are achievable and have permanent results.Gemma believes that Ayurveda teaches us to identify the root cause of our health problems and shows us the path to treat it, that our approach to our own wellness should come from a preventative viewpoint rather than be symptom based or curative.

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